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About Us

We are Outdoor Lovers

Appalachian Hikers are just a bunch of people who enjoy great hiking and sightseeing. Most of us grew up or live somewhere near the Appalachian Trail, thus the moniker. Ironically, rather than hike the AT, we usually travel west or abroad. We are not affiliated with any official organization.

We love cost effective, all inclusive ventures.

  • No hidden costs or extras
  • No requirement to hike when you don't want to
  • No camping or heavy backpacking
  • No overhead of a paid staff
Appalachian Hikers

Frequently Asked Questions

Average Number of Particpants?

Domestic trips are limited to 20 participants and one or two organizers. We travel in mini-vans so the group can split up if necessary.

International trips may be bigger (or smaller) based on demand and price incentives. Buses are typically used for ground transportation.

What's Included?

Costs include all meals, lodging, air and ground transportation, unless otherwise noted in the trip prospectus. While trip organizers are not compensated, their trip expenses are included in total trip costs allocated to trip participants. Trip applicants must pay the full estimated cost prior to the trip. Immediately following completion of the trip, any excess funds are promptly refunded to participants. Click here to see a summary of costs for prior trips.

How Difficult are the Hikes?

We plan trips so that there are easy, medium, and lengthy hikes and/or sightseeing options. Difficult hikes are rare. Participants can hike and or sightsee as much or as little as their interests and abilities permit. It is OK to break off from group activities to pursue topics or places of interest.

Who Leads the Hikes?

In general, our hiking groups are self-guided, i.e., there is no leader per se. We select trails that are well marked. Some destinations may include a paid, local guide.

Who Organizes the Trips?

Doug Ley, a retired Certified Public Accountant and Certified Financial Planner, organizes each trip. He has been doing so for over 20 years. His organizational skills help to ensure that trips are well planned and cost effective. Doug, and these trips, are not associated with any organized hiking organization.

How to Sign Up?

A trip's prospectus is posted on this website 10-12 months in advance of the trip. Once posted, you can contact the trip organizer and submit an application. We suggest you add this web site to your "Favorites" so you can periodically check to see what new trips are planned.


It’a Big World Out of There

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Happy Traveler



"Doug runs really great trips! The transportation, hotels and food are more than adequate. Really nice people participate on each trip. These trips are for people who really enjoy hiking. I am not a strong hiker but there are always optional easy hikes for those who do not want to climb mountains."

Happy Travelers

Barbara and Brian


“We loved the Madeira trip. The combination of a few days to explore the Lisbon area, followed by 11 days on the beautiful island of Madeira worked well, as did the ability to enjoy our beautiful hotel in the late afternoons. Anyone who missed this trip might very well go to their grave not knowing what a “levada” is !!”

Half Dome
Happy Traveler



“After my first trip to New Mexico, I was hooked on Appalachian Hikers. The trips are well planned and include some of the most beautiful places on this earth. Climbing Half Dome in Yosemite was a thrill that I never would have considered, much less accomplished, if not for this group!”